„Újházi” Hen soup

Traditionally prepared with hen (old chicken), this hearty Hungarian soup is a common
home-cooked meal. Besides meat, it incorporates noodles, root vegetables,
and a variety of spice.

Bean Goulash

Bean Goulash is a rustic twist on the original
Goulash. Made with aged smoked pork knuckles
and beans, served in a big round loaf of bread,
like the feasts of knights.

Cauliflower soup

This soup is Paprika’s speciality, made with cauliflower, paprika, onions and rice.

Fisherman’s soup

Arguably, the most prized and uniquely Hungarian fish
dish is Halászlé. Fisherman’s soup (Halászlé) is a spicy
paprika-based fish soup. A folk item of Hungarian cuisine, it is a bright-red dish
prepared with generous amounts of paprika and carp. Served with bread.


Authentic flavours of freh beef, potatoe,
vegetable, dumpling, and seasoned with a
generous amount of paprika. Served with bread.

Onion Creamy soup

Velvety creamy onion soup sprinkled with
herby marjoram and enriched with Hungarian grated cheese,
served in a big round loaf of bread.