Paprika Royal

Black Truffle Duck Royal

Catfish Paprikash

A wonderfully rich decadent hungarian fish dish made
with hungarian Harcsa (catfish). Special fish stew.
Served with Nokedli (hungarian dumplings).
We recommend white dry wine with this dish.

Confit Duck leg

Confit Duck Leg is a unique Hungarian duck speciality.
The duck leg is slowly cooked in duck fat until the
meat is meltingly soſt, then fried until the skin is
golden brown. Served with red wine cabbage and
aromatic mashed potatoes.

Deer (Venison) stew

Royal Cheese

Hungarian mild Trappista cheese, enrobed in a crispy golden-brown breadcrumb coating, an incredible pairing with the velvety, aromatic truffle mashed potatoes, crowned with gipsy sour cherry ragout.

Wild Boar stew

Rose Duck breast

Soſt, juicy and tender duck breast,
perfectly complimented by the red-wine blueberry
sauce and the golden-brown crispy potato croquettes.
A truly luxurious choice, which can be
further enriched with a glass of red-wine.